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February 2024 – India Meets Ireland

A unique fusion of Indian classical music with contemporary and traditional Irish music. The concert will feature Indian ragas, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed musicians Jon and Jenny Sanders in the Irish musical tradition.

The performance will feature a blend of sitar and tabla, the traditional Indian instruments with bouzouki, ukulele, guitar, and vocals bringing out the unique fusion of East meeting West. These astounding musicians have mastered their instruments and have come together in a unique fusion after presenting ” India Meets Ireland ” in sold out concerts in 2023.

Venue: Any suitable theatre, music venue, art gallery, house concert, community hall
Set up: 1 hour
Personnel: 4
Duration: 2 x 45 minutes sets, with interval
Price: $1,300 + GST (or 70% of gross after reasonable costs whichever is greater)
Appeal: General music audience
Suitable: All ages

March 2024 – Genre Fluid

Dynamic Kiwi duo, Genre Fluid, fuse music and theatre into high-energy funk-rock anthems with their unique synergy on stage, for all ages to groove and be moved.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads and Fat Freddy’s Drop, the duo consists of Wellington-born vocalist and performance artist, Silk Satin Suede, and Nelson-born multi-instrumentalist and looping artist, Bosho.

They are well recognised for their creative musicality in live looping, improvisation, theatrics, humour, and an ability to adapt to all environments, an act well-loved by all ages. This has led them to playing on festival stages and opening for legendary Kiwi artists such as Bic Runga, Julia Deans, Mako Road, The Narcs, and Albi & The Wolves.

Venue: Wide stage, music space
Set up: 2 hours
Personnel: 2
Duration: 2 x 45 minutes sets, with interval
Price: $900 + GST (or 70% of gross after reasonable costs whichever is greater)
Appeal: Fusion of music, theatre, improvised acts and high-energy rock-funk anthems
Suitable: All ages

April 2024 – Land of the Long Long Drive

Wētā, Tuna and Kārearea are mates of Gary the Glowworm, and are traveling to attend his rave in the cave birthday party. The friends face a number of trials on the road, and learn that despite their differences, they can achieve their goals by working together.

Land of the Long Long Drive is a story that has been “Loved by…audience[s] from tots to grandparents” (Deborah Rea, Theatreview).

A tale for Kiwi kids, featuring iconic NZ creatures, landscapes and fresh waiata by NZ singer-songwriter Benny Tipene. Winner of the 3–8-year-old section of Playmarket’s Plays for the Young Competition, Land of the Long Long Drive brings you a laugh out loud, inspiring adventure of three unlikely heroes.

This show jumps into life with beautiful costumes from Gridley by Victoria, Costumier for the Royal New Zealand Ballet, and support from Capital E National Theatre for Children through their Creative Residency programme.

Venue: Theatres, Community Halls and Libraries with large space
Set up: 2 hours, we will bring our own sound system and a basic lighting set up
Personnel: 5
Duration: 60 minutes, no interval
Price: $1,500 + GST (or 70% of gross after reasonable costs whichever is greater)
Appeal: Children, aged 3-10 and families school holiday period

May 2024 – Te Tupua the Goblin

An expertly crafted solo performance, delivered by a veteran of the New Zealand stage. John Davies inhabits nine characters, bringing to life an extraordinary corner of our history.
A Scottish lad of 10 is driven into slavery aboard his Majesties ships, circa 1800. After 15 years at sea, he is cast onto the shoreline of Aotearoa.

The fight for survival begins. The occurrences within the play are based in historical evidence, and yet this tattooed Pakeha remains a potent figure in today’s political climate.

Ka whakahokia a Tupua he kōrero ia Whakarongo ki te tangi ra kua pahemo.
Te Tupua will come and speak, Listen to this cry from the past. Haere mai Te Tupua

John studied the art of acting at Toi Whakaari – The New Zealand Drama School. Following his training he went on to perform for 10 years with Red Mole Enterprises in New Zealand, Mexico, the U.S.A and England. In 1984 he made the first of four study trips to the Kongoh Noh Theatre in Kyoto and has subsequently presented four original Noh Plays as director of the New Zealand Noh Theatre Company. The performer is, a cross between an historian, and a storyteller.

Venue: Flexible and adaptable for all rooms and theatres
Set up: 2 hours
Personnel: 2
Duration: 90 minutes, no interval Plus Q & A
Price: $900 + GST (or 70% of gross after reasonable costs whichever is greater)
Appeal: Theatre audience and those interested in New Zealand history
Suitable: 10 years plus

July 2024 – Red Heavens

From Stromboli to D’Urville Island. Martine Baanvinger who performed ‘Solitude'(2019) and ‘Aperture’ (2021) with Arts on Tour NZ, brings another powerful, dynamic and passionate solo show to the stage.

‘Red Heavens’ portrays the true story of Angelina Moleta, an Italian pioneering immigrant on D’Urville Island, whose fate is intertwined with the forces of nature and her deep connection with a Ariki-Tapairu Māori woman.

Growing up on the active volcanic island of Stromboli, she is betrothed to her cousin who brings her, in the year 1906, to the even more remote D’Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds. Through hardship and an unlikely friendship, she grows into womanhood and motherhood. This bitter and beautiful tale is inspired by the book ‘Angelina’ by New Zealand author Gerard Hindmarsh who wrote this book about his grandmother.

Venue: Theatres, galleries, community centres/halls
Set up: Pack in time: 2.5 hours / pack out time: 1.5 hours
Personnel: 2
Duration: 75 minutes, no interval. Plus Q & A
Price: $1,000 + GST (or 70% of gross after reasonable costs whichever is greater)
Appeal: Theatre audiences, history & nature lovers, Italian immigrant communities
Suitable: All ages
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September 2024 – Across the Great Divide

World music in a true folk roots fusion. Acoustic Americana meets Celtic Spirit. Here come Across the Great Divide, featuring traditional, contemporary, and original songs and tunes from Celtic, Scandinavian and Americana roots.

Featuring guitarist and arguably NZ’s finest dobro player Tony Burt, internationally respected and gifted Swedish saxophonist, Hanna Wiskari Griffiths and music specialist and Scots traditionalist, on harp, guitar, and vocals, Karen Jones.

Unknowingly you are drawn into and welcomed to their special Transatlantic musical world. Original and traditional tunes and airs; Americana original compositions all receive the same skill and passion in their delivery until you are no longer aware of their different musical roots, nor any divide at all.

An Across The Great Divide concert isn’t a quiet affair. Strap yourself in for a wild, toe tapping and emotion laden journey, perfectly held together by their passion for their traditions.

Venue: Any suitable theatre, music café, hall 60-100 seating
Set up: 2 hours for pack in
Personnel: 3
Duration: 2 x 45 minutes, with interval
Price: $1,000 + GST (or 70% of gross after reasonable costs whichever is greater)
Appeal: Transatlantic folk music
Music Video: “Auld Lang Syne”
Live footage: