Menu 2020

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Mayhem! – Kids Show
Cheeky, Quirky &
 Classy – Adult/Family Show

Brendan Dooley is fast becoming one of the World’s Top Young Magicians being described by the New Zealand Press as
“A new generation of talent already snapping the heels of established acts.”

Brendan was recently made the recipient of NZ’s Top Comedy Magician Award, making him the youngest ever to receive it.
He constantly travels around New Zealand, Australia and Asia appearing at high end corporate events, conferences, festivals, private events and on touring shows.
Most recently Brendan was cast on the prestigious touring show “World Festival of Magic” as the youngest member of the cast. This show has brought the world’s top magic and variety acts to Australia and New Zealand for the past 30 years. He offers a show for adults and one for children.

Month: March
Venue: Suitable theatre, hall, school
Set up: 2 hours
Personnel: 2
Duration: Each show 60 mins (CQ&C show has interval)
Price: $1000 +GST for just one show,
$1500 +GST for both
Appeal: Mayhem: Kids aged 4-12 and their families.
 Cheeky, Quirky & Classy: Theatre audiences, comedy audiences, recommended for kids 9+

Caitlin Smith has been described by Mike Alexander as having “a voice that imagination created”. When she sings at the keyboard her solo performances are mesmerising and magical. Original songs are interspersed with covers penned by her many heroes and heroines amongst whom Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen are rated by Caitlin as her spiritual parents.

Caitlin Smith’s universe is predominantly sonic. Legally blind since birth, it is said she could sing before she could speak.

Aro will be sharing infectious new songs inspired by Aotearoa’s nature and wild life in te reo Māori and English. Husband and wife Emily and Charles’ show is intimate, engaging and atmospheric with songs and stories that celebrate community and a blending of cultures. Aro mai, Aro atu, aroha. (To face, to be faced, to love’.)

Month: April
Venue: Community halls/town halls/wool shed
Set up: 3 hours
Personnel: 3
Duration: 2 hours with interval
Price: $900+GST Appeal: 30+quality original songs in te reo plus high end cover versions

Addicted to Darcy? Bonkers for Big Balls? Lost all Sense and Sensibility? Well put down your cross stitching and get ready to enjoy an entirely improvised musical in the style of Jane Austen Arts on Tour favourite Penny Ashton (Olive Copperbottom, Promise and Promiscuity, Hot Pink Bits) is back, with her most excellently accomplished friends! World Famous hobbit Lori Dungey (Lord of the Rings, Xena, Hercules, Master of the Improv Universe) and melodical Chicago based musical maestro Robbie Ellis (Second City, Radio NZ Concert, University of Otago Mozart Fellow, NZSO) will use your suggestions and spin instant literary magic as they swoon, romp and pianoforte.

“Jane Austen would turn in her grave with delight” Rip it Up “full of fun and frivolity”. NZ Herald

Month: May (until 27th)
Venue: A stage preferred, but very flexible.
Set up: 1 hour in established venue, 3 hours when full set up of own equipment.
Personnel: 3
Duration: 60-70 minutes.
Price: $1200+GST
Appeal: 25 – 70, Females on balance and couples.

Aspiring comedian Tai starts work at a moving company and finds the perfect material in his salt-of-the-earth co-workers. When Tai’s impersonation of co-worker Bruce impresses audiences, he must decide where his loyalties lie.

“A sophisticated examination of the intergenerational, racial, and class tension that New Zealanders grapple with in the workplace and beyond” ~ Annabella Gamboni, Regional News.

Starring Lloyd Scott from the Toyota Hilux Ads and National Radio, this brand new kiwi classic is
“…a funny, compassionate and thought-provoking piece of theatre” ~ Ross MacLeod, Theatreview.

“This is now my favourite NZ play. Impossible not to be impressed”

Month: June
Venues: Theatres and community halls
Set up: 2-3 hours
Personnel: 4
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: $1300+GST
Appeal: RNZ listening audience, Lloyd Scott fans, theatre audiences

Welcome to another fabulously funny fiasco from the team that brought you The Messy Magic Adventure. When magic is accidentally let loose in the kitchen, everything is turned topsy-turvy. Now, the audience must help sensible Spray and naughty Wipe bake a very special cake before it’s too late, as their kitchen gets messier and messier!

“Riveting, delightful, exciting and highly amusing” -Theatreview

“Gleeful physical comedy… The entire audience appears to be having a ball” – Stuff

Circus, slapstick and magic combine in this wild and wonderful adventure. Suitable for our friends from last year and for those new to the messy magic world, with Q and A or workshop available after each performance. Note: Kitchen Chaos is able to perform two shows a day.

Month: July
Venue: Theatres, community centres, school halls,  churches
Set up: 3 hours
Personnel: 3
Duration: 45 minute show (+ 30 minute workshop or Q and A). Interval between show and workshop.
Price: $900 + GST
Appeal: Families with children aged 3+, primary schools, school holiday groups

An instant hit when it premiered, The Daylight Atheist by award-winning satirical cartoonist Tom Scott, stars Michael Hurst in a not-to-be-missed repertoire experience.

Ageing Irish raconteur Danny Moffat retreats from the harsh light of the world to his bedroom. There, under hoardings of old newspapers and beer bottles, he sorts through a lifetime of memories and regrets, from growing up as a boy in Ireland, to the hopes and disappointments of immigration to New Zealand.

Tom Scott’s wonderfully inventive and fiercely funny play is a stirring portrait of his father, a deeply flawed yet charismatic bloke.

“Has its audience roaring with laughter” – The Age, Melbourne

Month: August (until 25th)
Venues: Theatres, and community halls
Set up: 2 hours
Personnel: 2
Duration: 2 hours with interval
Price: $1300+GST
Appeal: General

The inventive, highly rhythmic percussion group From Scratch is like no other. It has its own characteristic Pacific-region sound, performed on a unique array of original,
DIY invented instruments, including their PVC slaptubes. From Scratch guide their audience through a magical journey, part sculpture, part music, part ritual. Rhythmic and instrument invention lie at the heart of From Scratch and have earned the group an international reputation for visually captivating and sonically mesmerizing performances.

Their most memorable performances have been described as
“… among the greatest in any art form to come out of this country”.

With a forty year-plus history, recently celebrated with an expansive art gallery survey exhibition, this NZ group is not to be missed!

Month: September
Venue: Preferably in-the-round configuration. Community and church halls ideal.
Set up: 3-4 hours.
Personnel: 3
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: $1250+GST
Appeal: Contemporary, alternative, and appeals across the generations, young to old.

Hopetoun Brown light up the night, their antique wind instruments shrieking wildly, evoking the spirit of New Orleans funeral processions or futuristic funk jams.
This is Supergroove’s horn section. Expect electric pianos, vibraphones and a van load of horns playing deep down bass lines and jumping sax licks like you’ve never heard! These New Zealand Music Hall of Fame inductees adore rare and antique acoustic instruments such the vibraphone and the bass clarinet, while embracing the bombastic power of the tuba, the tenor saxophone, trombones and multiple trumpets. They’ve teamed up with Finn Scholes, arguably one of the finest improvisers currently playing trumpet in New Zealand to form a unique and musically diverse act that can be at once tender and soulful while at times, anarchic and heavy.

Month: October
Venues: Anywhere
Set up: 2 hours
Personnel: 3
Duration: 1.5 hours with interval
Price: $900+GST
Appeal: RNZ listeners

A journey of the mind, through song and story, about New Zealand’s on-and-off again love affair with passenger rail. Equal parts tragedy, comedy, and personal memoir, Rail Land is a theatrical show that weaves the critically acclaimed songs of Anthonie Tonnon with synthesizer soundscapes, and soliloquy like story-telling. Along with touches like historical letters to the editor, and meticulous notes on taking Aotearoa’s surviving public railways, Rail Land is a story of human enterprise, sabotage, obsession and hope. The show also travels with an exhibition of historic NZ Rail Advertising Department posters and schematic maps, blown up to large scale.

Month: November
Venue: Anywhere
Set up: 2-3 hours
Personnel: 3
Duration: 1.5 hours with interval
Price: $900+GST
Appeal: RNZ listeners, Fans of The Chills or Don McGlashan, regular people, rail nostalgists.