2023 Booking Form

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  • Time Artist Price Venue Setup Time/Programme Length Tick Selection
    February 2023 Nikau Harp Trio
    $900+GST Any suitable theatre, music venue, art gallery, house concert, community hall, church on floor level or a stage, not carpeted, stairs can be a problem for the harp 1.5 hours/2 x 40 minute sets
  • March 2023 Hanna
    $1,200+GST Theatre, Stage, Hall, Community Hall, Art Galleries 2 hours/2 x 40 minute sets, no interval
  • April 2023 The Boy with Wings $800+GST Community hall, theatres etc. indoors. Best with children seated on floor 1.5 hours/50 minutes no interval
  • May 2023 NZ String Quartet $1,700+GST Any suitable theatre, music venue, art gallery, house concert, community hall, church, not carpeted 2 hours/2 x 45 minute sets  
  • June 2023 Jackie Goes Prima Diva $1,250+GST Any theatre, hall, gallery space or house concert. Suitable for cabaret style seating and/or theatre style seating 2 hours/2 x 45 minute sets
  • July 2023 after 10th ARO $900+GST Intimate venues and small theatres, spaces appropriate for our storytelling show, marae and community hubs 3 hours/1 hour 30 minutes (with a short break in between)
  • August 2023 Looking for Alaska $800 + GST Versatile and flexible, marae to community hall 2 hours/2 x 50 minute sets
  • September 2023 Austen Found $1,200+GST A stage preferred but very flexible 1 - 3 hours/60 - 70 minutes, no interval
  • October 2023 Solacium $1,200+GST Any suitable theatre, music hall, art gallery, performance venue, boutique movie theatre with screen and stage 3 hours/1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval
  • November 2023 Whirimako Black $1,500+GST Concert hall, community hall, marae, theatre, house concert, art gallery 2 hours/2 x 45 minutes 
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